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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding laundry delivery. Please contact us at

How do I schedule my first order?

To place an order, create a Suds Laundry account by visiting our website (, or by downloading our app on iTunes or Google Play.


Once your order is placed, our valet will pick up your laundry and place it in one of our bags. Your laundry will then be washed, dried, folded, and returned to you the next business day.

How do I prepare for pickup?

Place all your clothes in disposable trash bags or SUDS Laundry bags. Make sure you check all pockets and care labels! You don’t want to accidentally throw in a non-washable item or have a pen get washed with your clothes.

How do I estimate pounds of laundry?

Super easy! Use a disposable garbage bag as an estimate! One gallon equals approximately one pound of laundry. So if you fill a 13 gallon trash bag, you have about 13 pounds of laundry.

Do you have a minimum?

Our minimum is $50.00 per order, which includes pick up and delivery.

Do you offer a discount to new customers?

We do! All new customers save $10.00 on their first order automatically. Upon placing your order, the discount will be applied, which will be reflected in the email you receive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all major credit cards via our app or via the website. Your information is securely stored; we never see it. Once you sign up and enter your info, you will never have to do that again!

Do you charge my credit card when I place my order?

We do not. The order you place is only an estimate. We do not expect you to know the exact weight of your clothes. You order, we pick up, process your order, update your order with the correct weight, charge your credit card, and then we deliver!

Can I give an additional tip to the driver or staff?

Of course! You can just make a note of that when you order and we will charge your card accordingly. There is no need to have cash on hand when the driver comes.

Do you have a Rewards program?

But of course! We are extremely thankful for our loyal customers and delight in rewarding them! Check out our rewards link in the menu above for more details!

Do I have to be home for pick up and delivery?

You do not! Leave us pick up and delivery instructions when you place your order!

What is your pick up and delivery schedule?

We pick up and deliver between 6:30AM through 9:30AM and 3:00PM through 6:30PM Monday through Friday. Each zip code in town will have their own delivery times!

How long before my clothes are returned?

Orders containing wash and fold are returned within one business day. Orders that contain any dry cleaning is returned within two business days. So if you order dry cleaning and wash/fold, your order will be returned in two business days.

Do you wash baby clothes?

You betcha! They will be placed in their own bag when they are returned to you. If you would like them folded/matched make a note in your order. There will be an extra $1 per pound charged for folding/matching baby clothes due to the extra time it takes.

Can I drop-off my clothes instead of delivery?

Yes! We offer a drop-off service at SUDS Laundry (664 Waring Rd). Check out our website: for more information.

What areas of Memphis do you service?

We serve the majority of zip codes in Shelby County! Click on the pricing tab above and enter your zip code to see if we currently offer laundry service there. If not, please contact us directly and let us know you are interested! We may still be able to help!

Help! I need my clothes back today!

We can definitely help you! Right now we do not offer same day delivery but we do offer same day dropoff! Bring your clothes to SUDS Laundry (664 Waring Rd) between 7am and 10am and will have them washed and ready for you that day!

What if I have a problem with my order?

We are perfect and you will never have a problem! Oh, how we wish that were true. We will of course strive to fix any issue you may have as fast as we can possibly solve it. Please call us at (901) 567-5450 or email us at and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue asap.

What about commercial accounts?

We love you commercial customers! Call (901) 567-5450 or email to discuss your commercial needs. We’ll be happy to provide a custom quote that will be perfect for your business.

What happens if I forget about my pick up or delivery?

We totally understand that life happens. We charge a $25.00 fee for each missed exchange.We want to do business with you- so just reschedule at your convenience. You can always leave us instructions on where to pick-up/drop-off; you do not have to be there! Just note that once clothes are delivered, they are no longer Suds responsibility.

How about special items such as comforters and pillows?

We are happy to process special items. See our price list for specialty items like comforters, blankets etc. If your item is not listed, give us a call.

Are there items that Suds Laundry Delivery does not clean?

SUDS Delivery is not equipped to handle items contaminated with:

  • Human or animal fluids
  • Excessive pet hair
  • Moisture (if the item is still wet)
  • Mildew
  • Bedbugs
  • Poison ivy or poison oak oils
  • Hazardous chemical residue such as oil or gasoline